Father holding child on sofa with laptop.

Naming Guardians for your Minor Children

If your children are minors you've probably thought about who would raise them if for some reason you couldn't. It's certainly not an easy thing to consider but with a simple arrangement of a guardian in your will you can feel sure that, in the unlikely event you can't raise your children, they will be well cared for.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a guardian:

  • Does the prospective guardian have a genuine concern for my children's welfare?
  • Will the prospective guardian care for my child with the same morals, ethics, values, and principles as my own?
  • Is the prospective guardian physically able to handle the job?
  • Does he or she have kids of an age close to that of my children?
  • Can I provide enough assets to raise the children? If not, can my prospective guardian afford to bring them up?
  • Would my children have to move out of the area to be cared for by this guardian?

If you're having a hard time choosing, take some time to speak with the person you're considering to name as guardian. Your candidates may be very willing to accept the responsibility, or their feelings about acting as guardian may help you decide.

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